Dynamic System Group USA, Inc. (DSG) was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced IBM AS/400 software developers and banking system designers. Our goal is to provide the banking community with ideally customized software packages so that financial institutions can meet the ever-increasing business operating and governmental compliance demands.

In only five years, DSG has developed an impressive array of banking software packages for "Know Your Customer" (KYC), OFAC, Charge-Off and Recovery Systems, Money Market Online Exception Reporting and other non-banking software packages for the private industry including Manufacturing/Distribution and Insurance company software.

Our programmers and technical staff are experienced in the AS400 series of computers and are quite knowledgeable in banking software packages used by International and Domestic financial institutions.

One of the most important benefits our clients derive from DSG are the Turnkey Solutions we bring to the table, from the moment DSG walks in to your site, our company takes care of the software installation, set-up, testing, customized programming, development of reference manuals and conducting staff training. The client receives a completed product ready for live production.

DSG offers the right products at competitive prices without cutting on service making our products, services and our staff well above the competition.